For most people, writing a cover letter is the least favorite part of a job search. Why’s that? Simply because not everybody is good at writing and writing about yourself seems like an even more challenging task. On top of that, plenty of people don’t even know how to write a cover letter or what info should they add or leave out. Many end up with basically repeating what’s already on their resume. If you do that, you might as well not send any cover letter at all.

Just like you should try and impress a hiring manager with your resume, your cover letter can make you either stand out from the pack of other candidates or bury your chances of being invited for an interview. A cover letter often weeds out the copy-pasters and fluff-fillers from the creative ones who are a potential employee material. If you manage to write a really good cover letter, it can be an instant ticket to your job.

The problem with cover letters is that almost all of them look the same. They follow the same structure, read the same phrases, only repeat a resume and don’t bring anything of value to the table. Imagine you were a hiring manager and had to read the same cliché and vague sentences all over again. Would you be impressed by yet another cliché candidate? Most likely not.

To stand out, make your cover letter different than what hiring managers usually read. Don’t follow the standard how to write a cover letter articles you find online. Create an original piece that doesn’t scream out you just copied a text from a cover letter sample and filled in your details.

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