In the job search, your resume is the one thing that’s entirely in your hands. The rest of it is sheer luck. You don’t know who the other people applying for the same job position are, you can’t tell whether or not the recruiters will like you. These are the things you simply can’t control. What you can control is what impression your resume makes on the hiring manager so you should make the most of it.

The main purpose of your resume is to get you an interview. That is why you shouldn’t take your resume lightly because after all, an interview is what gets you the job. A successful resume is one that brings out your strengths and expertise, summarizes your relevant experience and screams out why you’re the most competent candidate for the job. You should tailor your resume to each job and company you’re applying to.

Carelessly written and randomly sent resumes are likely to end up in trash before the ink dries on the page. And you don’t want that!

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